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► ▲ Web Infrastructure   (?) Our open web-facing endpoints
Main Website   (?) The BeeHive Website 🔗 Operational
Knowledgebase   (?) Our knowledge and learning center 🔗 Operational
Documentation - Sentri   (?) Configuration information and documentation site for our Discord bot, Sentri 🔗 Operational
► ▲ Service Infrastructure   (?) Endpoints critical to delivering services
Sentri for Discord   (?) Sentri is our AIO Security and Moderation Bot for Discord. 🔗 Operational
► ▲ Security Infrastructure   (?) Resources and endpoints critical to our security services
► ▲ Utility Infrastructure   (?) Endpoints critical for utility function
API   (?) The guts of the application. Operational
Media Proxy   (?) This is the service responsible for serving images, audio, and video. It is reliant on our CDN. Operational
Endpoint Management   (?) Endpoint for issuing mitigation instructions and other security work. Operational
Incidents Website

April 2023 (1)

April 29, 2023 at 10:35 AM UTC

Maintenance Announcement (Sentri)  â„¹

Sentri may be temporarily unavailable for up to an hour for system maintenance. No data will be lost.